Free Marketing Tools!


On this page I have added some Free Marketing Tools which I hope will be of some use to you. Most of them I already use myself. Will be adding more as time allows. Full disclosure – I actually copied this whole page from my own Blog –   as I felt this page could be a great resource for Newbie Affiliate Marketers.  Hope you find it useful as well.

These are Not Affiliate Links.

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AVG: (free download)

Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. I use this myself.

FileZilla: (free download)

Open source FTP program. For uploading files to your host. I use this and find it very easy to use.

Kompozer: download)

Very easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor. I use this occasionally along with Microsoft Expression Web 4.

Skype: (free download)

Allows you to make free calls over the internet to other people on Skype.


GIMP: (free download)

Again an open source program used to create & edit. I use this as a Free alternative to Photoshop.

Firefox: https// (free download)

My favourite web browser.

cc cleaner

CCleaner: (free download)

Removes unused files from your PC or Laptop. Helps to speed up your machine.


Audacity: (free download)

An other open source software. For recording & editing your Audio files.


7 Zip: (free download)

An open source program. Just in case you don’t like Winzip.

open office
Open Office: (free download)  For many of you who don’t like adding to the Microsoft fortunes, Open Office is a great alternative.

Roboform: (free download)

For those who need a Password Manager. Manages your passwords safely & easily.


last pass   Last Pass: (free download)

This is the one I use myself – would be lost without it.


Free Text Cleaner Tool:


Most PLR bundles come in both TXT and .DOC format. Sometimes the word processors leave extraneous characters and use non-standard quotes, apostrophes & punctuation, etc.  The free tool will help you clean up the text so it’s easy peasy to just copy and paste the content on your blog without worrying about formatting issues.

I do hope you have found some if not all of these  Free Marketing Tools  useful for you and your online ventures.