Working From Home – Part 1

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If you have an internet connection and a few dollars in your bank account, there is little
that can get in the way of you making some extra money online  with a simple work at home job.

There is no better time than now to start working from home,  build a business and make money online.

With over 3.2 billion people now actively using the internet, we are well into a massive
transformation in how the world does business.

We are living in an age where there’s no longer limitations on what you can achieve based on geographic location or lack of financial resources.

In this series of posts I will educate you on how to start generating real income streams from various online methods like freelancing writers, becoming a virtual assistant, podcasting, ecommerce website, starting a money making blog to affiliate marketing and so many other new methods that have emerged recently.

All in all, these posts will be  jam packed with future ways to make money online not the traditional outdated tactics of making money online.

The concept to make  money online  has become a way for many people to make ends meet and earn extra money, extra fast. Consequently, more and more are becoming selfemployed and spending all their time browsing through the Internet in the search of the
next money-making gig.


What are the benefits of making money online?

There are so many reasons people choose to work from home:

  •  A more flexible schedule to allow for taking care of children or aging parents.
  • Being able to travel.
  • The opportunity to create an income you desire regardless of your experience or
  •  More independence to work on projects that are important to you.
  •  A more flexible schedule that allows for volunteer work
    No more office politics.
  •  The ability to work with your creativity.
  •  No more commute time.

What do you need to make money on the internet?

When it comes to landing – and keeping – a work-at-home job, there are a few basic tools you should have in your bag.

Here are few of them:

1. A quality computer and other hardware.
If you want to work from home, you need to have a computer – and a few other things
too. When you first start out as a remote worker, you may not have a lot of capital to pour
into buying the latest hardware.

That is okay, just make sure that you buy smart. Purchase a new or refurbished computer that will last you for some years and has sufficient specs to keep up with changes in office suite software and Internet-based apps.

Some work-at-home jobs, like customer service, will have a list of equipment
requirements that need to be met. This is to ensure you have a stable and secure
connection when processing customer requests.

Other jobs, like freelance writing, may have no equipment or internet speed requirements at all. You can literally do your job anywhere anytime.

2. A functional self-management system.

Working from home takes a lot of self-discipline. Before you become a  remote worker,
make sure you have a good system for keeping yourself organized and on task.

Use whatever works for you – make a bullet journal, organize your duties on Trello, keep a
detailed Google Calendar with Calendly for setting meetings. Just make sure you have a
self-management scheme that keeps you going.

3. A comfortable workspace.

Many work-from-home jobs that you find will require you to sit at your computer for long
periods each day. So, it is super important that you have a comfortable space to work!

Even if it is just a comfortable chair pulled up to an old table that is the right height, or a
spot on your couch, put some thoughtfulness for your future self into your home office.
Your body will thank you.

Companies that Hire for Work from Home.

There are so many large companies that hire remote workers to work online. The larger
the company, the more requirements, and prerequisites they likely have in place. That is
not necessarily a bad thing.

Even though you may need a newer computer, they may be offering health insurance and a full-time schedule. There is always a trade-off. Know that more scheduling freedom and flexibility and less management oversight may mean lesser pay or no benefits.

How to Make Money Online with a Home Business.

Maybe you do not want to work for someone else. Maybe you want total control over your
schedule and your future. That is cool too.

Home business opportunities are plentiful like:

Selling on Amazon9

  •  Pinterest Assistant
  •  Selling Used Books
  •  How to Make Money on eBay
  • Direct Sales Companies
  •  Make Money with Retail Arbitrage
  •  Become a Virtual Assistant
  •  Become a Social Media Manager
  •  Bookkeeping Jobs

Ways to Earn Extra Money.

This applies to almost everyone looking for a good side hustle. Why? Because it is
something everyone should be doing regardless of whether they are looking for a little
something to earn a few pennies during commercial breaks that requires minimal effort,
or they are looking to create a full-time income from home.

  •  Ebates
  •  Find some Passive Income Ideas
  •  Sell Photos Online
  •  Ibotta
  •  Swagbucks Review
  •  Jump on Apps that Pay You Money
  •  Get Paid to Watch Videos
  •  Make Money with mTurk
  •  Make Money as a DoorDash Delivery Driver
  •  Become a Professional Grocery Shopper
  •  Get Paid to Drive
  •  Money-Making Apps10
  •  Transcription for Beginners
  •  Make Money on YouTube
  •  Micro Job Sites

Ways of Making Money Online that You May be Overlooking.

When it comes to ways of making money online, our minds usually head straight to things like customer service for a company such as Amazon or blogging – because that’s what everybody is doing.  Right?  Well, there are so many options in between that you may be overlooking.

Some of the ideas we are talking about today will allow you to use your knowledge,
interests, and experience to make money. Because these are areas you know, it may not
take much to get yourself set up for success.

 Sell Your Knowledge.
Our first overlooked opportunity is selling your knowledge. In this instance, we are
talking about creating a course or eBook that you can make available for purchasing

Because of the automation available today, you may be able to put in the work
once when creating your packaged information and then enjoy those checks coming in
for months or years to come.

Help Others Do What You Do (coaching & consulting)

There are so many ways you can make money helping other people succeed and reach
their goals. Depending on your background and education, you may be able to offer
services as a business consultant, wellness coach and more.

Sell Your Knowledge II (writing).

Maybe you do not want all the maintenance that comes with creating and upkeeping
courses and eBooks. Maybe you do not mind writing about your interests, but you just
want to be done with it once it is completed.

Do not worry. You have got so many options when it comes to freelance writing, and many pay well.

Work at Home Job Search Tips.

Now that you know where you want to work, you need to apply. Be aware that the
competition for remote positions is high. For every single job opening, there may be
hundreds or thousands of applicants.

But, do not let that deter you! You cannot get a job if you do not apply. No one is going to magically show up on your doorstep offering you a great gig. You must go get it.

When it comes to looking for jobs, we recommend the following job boards:

 FlexJobs – researching all leads to ensure no scams, no business opportunities,
nothing that does not have flex potential.

 Indeed – huge job board, you will need to perform due diligence to ensure listings
are legitimate

 Freelance Writer’s Den – this site offers online training and a job board for freelance writers.

Most of the ways to make money online require you to spend a lot of time to start earning
money. Even if you start out with a little, have the patience of being persistent and build
up to a larger sum.

After all, earning online is like every other job- you start out at the bottom and make your way up.

Part 2 of this series will be ready soon so do check back here regularly.


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