Your Career Doesn’t End with Forced Retirement!

According to a quote from Will Rogers, you waste half of your life looking for something to make up for all the time you hurriedly tried to save. After retirement, most people have many years of productive life ahead of…

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senior lady at desk

Seniors Conserving Money vs. Increasing Your Income!

Seniors who are retired are finding that saving money on a fixed income is very challenging. All things have increased in price, but income has remained constant. If you’re not independently wealthy when you retire, you might have to cut…

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Internet Marketing Helps Seniors To Socialise Easier!

For seniors who may have limited mobility and time, the Internet has opened up a whole new world. Seniors who stay at home complain most about being alone, and depression can develop if there is no opportunity for some sort…

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Senior giving thumbs up sign

How Online Marketing Offers You a Competitive Advantage Compared to Offline Employment…

Nowadays, a lot of seniors are keen to launch their own company or carry on working after retirement. They can no longer afford to retire completely, nor are they content to become inactive. Consider the Internet and all of its…

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Some Money Getting Tips For Affiliate Bloggers!

If you’ve decided that you want to make money online as an affiliate blogger then you’ve got your work cut out for you. This can be a VERY profitable business model, but you need to make sure you go into…

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Discover the Top 7 Benefits of Creating a Membership Site

Most online marketers crave stability in their income and are constantly in pursuit of ways and means to boost their earnings. Very often, they read or hear about running membership sites and how lucrative a business model it is. Yet,…

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blogging mistakes

7 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make and How to Avoid Them

I can remember when I started this blog and I found it to be a very interesting and financially rewarding endeavor.  Unlike other online business models such as ecommerce, Kindle publishing or product creation, blogging has very few ‘moving parts’…

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7 Ways to Cut Costs in Your Online Marketing Business

There’s a common misconception that one can make money online for free. This is possible but very difficult to pull off.  The object of this post is to help you cut costs. In order to have control over your online…

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Financial Planning tips

Discover the Number #1 Cause of Financial Problems for Online Marketers

There is one problem that affects many online marketers and it can single-handedly wipe out their finances and leave them in debt if it’s not controlled. This problem is none other than ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. It affects marketers of all…

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Affiliate Marketing Training Video Course!

I’ve recently  recorded a series of 13 videos for my Youtube channel  – Tutormixer – on Affiliate Marketing  Training for the Beginner. I’m hoping some aspring marketers will gain some inspiration to continue their online path. According to Statista, affiliate…

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