Four Apps That Help You To Eliminate Distractions!

I know I spoke about Apps in an earlier post and said that there are Apps for everything to make life easier. In this post we are going to cover Apps to help stop distraction.

How often you feel distracted while working from home?  Frequently, right?  Well, these distractions actually prevent you from executing a lot of things.

According to a survey conducted in 2013, 50% work from home professionals consider lack of sound privacy as a big challenge in their work from home routine.

Thankfully, technology has managed to resolve such challenges so that you can better focus on your work and have an increased efficiency.

If this sounds a little impractical, let us show you what you need to download:


Isolator is an excellent distraction eliminating tool that allows you to only focus on your active window. If you have multiple windows open, this tool blurs all the windows other than the active window.

It also hides the dock bar and more. Unfortunately, this plugin is only available for Mac users but Windows users can make use of similar tool called Le Dimmer.

  1. Calendly:

It’s a great time and schedule management tool. All you need to do is let this tool know when you are available for meeting, demo, lunch and other activities and send your schedule off to your co-workers and client so that they can schedule something based on your work priorities.

All they need to do is visit your page, check your timing to see when you are available and click the submit. It will automatically schedule the activity in your time shift.

This app works like your personal assistant as you won’t need to stop every time when you receive a schedule request. It allows you to stay engaged with whatever the project you are currently working on.

  1. Todoist:

When you are super-busy or overloaded with different priorities, you just can’t decide what’s more important and what can wait. Todoist comes here as big help by allowing you the set the priorities.

It allows you to create your task list, share with your co-workers, prioritize your items so you don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks.

Staying focused in much simpler when you have Todoist. Since you set the list of priorities here, you always know what task you should be focusing more on now.

It also allows you to tick-off the tasks that are done so that you can easily keep a right tab on the tasks in hand.

  1. Calm

Need a break? Well, we all need a break. No matter how much you enjoy your job, working whole day in your home can be exhausting too if you don’t take periodical break.

Calm gives you seven meditation sessions that range from two to twenty minutes. Additionally it offers a seven-day introductory course.

When you constantly switch one task to another, it makes your brain feel exhausted, making it difficult for you to keep your focus on the tasks. Taking time to recharge your brain by doing meditation helps you feeling fresh and focused.

So, put your headphone on and choose one of ten nature scenes with meditation sound.


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