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Adopting a Positive Attitude as a Senior Entrepreneur!

Seniors may easily adopt a pessimistic outlook that keeps them from keeping up with society, accomplishing tasks, and fully enjoying life. They might believe they lack the abilities to adopt a can-do attitude, or they are too old or exhausted….

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Seniors Conserving Money vs. Increasing Your Income!

Seniors who are retired are finding that saving money on a fixed income is very challenging. All things have increased in price, but income has remained constant. If you’re not independently wealthy when you retire, you might have to cut…

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Ways in Which Senior Couples Can Start a Family Business!

Senior couples are discovering that the Internet offers opportunities to start a family business plan that will be a source of pride and a legacy for their Children and Grandchildren, something they might not have been able to do in…

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Seniors with Disabilities Are Ideal Candidates for Online Marketing!

Seniors with vision and hearing impairments, limited mobility, or other disabilities that have developed over time are ideal candidates for a career in online marketing. Working from  home  on a computer allows you to advance without external obstacles. With a…

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Letting Go of Fear: Embrace the Digital World and Reignite Your Life

Letting Go of Fear:  Embrace the Digital World and Reignite Your Life! In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, technology is omnipresent. From smartphones to social media, it seems like everyone is constantly plugged in. However, for many seniors, the thought of…

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Want to Start Your Own Membership Site? – Read This First!

Starting a membership site online can be an exciting thought. There are tons of blog posts mentioning how lucrative these types of sites are. Successful membership sites such as Netflix rake in billions. On a smaller scale, ‘software as a…

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mental health

Looking After Your Mental and Emotional Health During Tough Times

This post is a little different as it it is not directly about affiliate marketing or any work  from home type  post. Instead I want to talk about Mental Health during what can only be described as these very challenging…

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blogging mistakes

7 Common Mistakes Bloggers Make and How to Avoid Them

I can remember when I started this blog and I found it to be a very interesting and financially rewarding endeavor.  Unlike other online business models such as ecommerce, Kindle publishing or product creation, blogging has very few ‘moving parts’…

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money management

Good Money Management for Online Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship  and good money management are two DIFFERENT skillsets. Many people fail to realize this. Just because you’re a good businessperson and can rake in the profits doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll make good financial decisions which are in your…

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My Online Business is Doing Well – When Can I Quit My Day Job?

Millions of people dream of owning their own businesses and being their own boss. This explains why droves of people get online to try their hand at internet marketing. The unfortunate truth is that most people will fail at it…

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