5 Most Popular Work-Efficiency Boosting Apps in 2021


In today’s high tech world there seems to be an App for almost everything. In this post I’m going to be looking at 5 Apps which I think are the most helpful for the “work at home” fraternity.

It’s a common knowledge that mobile applications can make lives easier and convenient for people from all walks of life. Business people and executives are also not the exceptions to it.

From scheduling an important business meeting to purchasing an order, mobile applications can save a significant amount of time by cutting down the time spent on small tasks in regular life. Thus, it enhances the general productivity.

However, not all apps have the same potential and this is why, it is really important to research which ones provide the best result. So, this post tells you about top productivity-enhancing apps available in the market.

  1. Accompany:

A common challenge among business leaders is the difficulty to managing all the contacts. With a large number of meeting, partners, vendors and clients, business owners/executives often experience a challenging time to remember who’s who and the priorities accordingly.

This is where Accompany can be a great help for you as it does all the necessary research to prepare you for an important meeting.

This app analyzes the financial and biographical data on your contacts and relevant companies and based on the data, it creates the meeting-preparation material for you.

On top of it, this app also provides you with information about who is contacting you by checking your emails.

  1. Slack:

Communication is the key to success of any organization. Slack’s comprehensive and easy to use platform enables organizations to establish a healthy infrastructure of seamless communication. Slack offers multiple communication channels to the users. You can either organize conversations in a message-forum style format, video messaging or through file sharing and notifications.

It allows your employees to stay connected with each other all time by avoiding the time-consuming email drafting process. The best part of using Slack is it is highly user-friendly.

  1. CamCard:

CamCard could be an excellent resource for the professionals who often lose business card from a contact. It’s business-card app that allows you to promptly capture the contact information.

This app takes capture image of your contact information, read the contact and save it to your smartphone so that you can access the information anytime you want.

It also enables a business to exchange electronic business cards, add notes, important reminders, fetch crucial information from the cloud and perform searches when necessary.

So, instead of wasting your precious time hunting through wallet, start utilizing this app to adapt paper-less approach and enjoy your increased efficiency.

  1. Box:

Box is a total cloud-based file sharing platform which has taken the benefits of all the similar services but eliminated their drawbacks. The employees of your organization can store and share files with each other instantly. It comes with the instant file-transfer capability.

Box also allows its users to edit and comment on the files, making collaboration on project a cake-walk. The developers of this app has put a serious effort on the security feature of this app as encryption-key management features ensures an utmost data security.

  1. Taskray:

Taskray is one of the highly reputed project management tools available in Salesforce. It enables an organization to onboard new clients, arrange and fulfill the orders and deliver projects systematically.

Taskray’s Salesforce-integration feature is one of its best features. Taskrays runs efficiently wherever Salesforce runs and keeps all your customers’ data secure.

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