Best Distraction Free Remote Working Approach

Almost every workspace has its own set of distractions but when employees work remotely, these distractions can be harder to handle.

Even an efficient remote employee can have distractions that can impact the overall workflow negatively and damage the quality of the work.

If you are a remote worker or have a team of a remote workforce, you can follow the below tips and stay out of distractions while working:

Use Distraction Blocking Apps:

Each distraction eliminating app has its own way of doing work but most block sites that are found to be distracting like Facebook.

Depending on the type of work that you do, there are sites or plugins that block the internet for a specific span of time.

These tools can invaluable for remote employees like digital marketing experts, software developers, day traders as many are surprised to find that they waste a considerable amount of time in front of a computer screen.

Communicate Frequently:

If you set assignments for your employees at the beginning of a week or month, most chances are they will either feel stressed and overwhelmed with works or feel like there is enough time to procrastinate.

Either option leads to failure. This is why you should communicate with your employees frequently so that they can feel being encouraged and supported. This will create a sense of accountability in them.

Incremental Deadline is Always Good:

Just like communicating regularly wise, setting up an incremental deadline for your remote workers can make them feel obligated to work at a certain pace.

You can break down a larger project into smaller tasks with short deadlines. It will make your employees more productive.

Encourage Specific Hours and Days:

Remote works indeed are flexible but it can be burdensome if the employees end up working late at night throughout the week.

The hours and day may vary depending on whether the remote worker has children or other personal obligations.

So, it will be good to let them set flexible hours for themselves and maintain them on a regular basis as this will make it easier for you to reach your employee when needed.

Recommend A Proper Workspace Setting:

Working from home sounds exciting but it can be troublesome when home-related distractions like family, children, daily chores cause disruptions during the working hour.

Encourage your employees to have a distraction-free set up like a library, co-workspace, coffee shop, or reading room in their home itself.

Sometimes a small change in the work environment can do wonders in mitigating distractions.

Promote A Healthy Lifestyle:

Nothing can be a bigger distraction than poor health. This is why you should always encourage your employees to maintain a healthy daily routine.

You should encourage them more to do yoga, meditations, free-hand workouts. These activities not only help them maintain good physical health, but these activities also promote mental wellbeing.

If you have a remote workforce, having a conversation individually with them can be helpful as it will give you an idea about the actual distractions they face regularly.


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