Apps To Enhance Your Team’s Remote Work Efficiency!

I have mentioned Apps several times in recent posts and no doubt will again in future posts. As I have said before, there are so many Apps on the Market today, so why not use them to make life and your business life that little bit easier.

So in this post we are going to be looking at some more Apps which will make life easier.

Do you really enjoy working from home? Are you really being as productive as when you are working from home?

Today the number of work-from-home professionals are much higher than it’s ever been due to the ongoing pandemic situation.

More and more employees are shifting to virtual work. Most employees like the concept of working from home, while a few of them feel disconnected from their colleagues and isolated in home.

However, work-from-home, known as telecommuting comes with some crucial challenges.

What if you need some urgent information but somehow your co-workers are not responding? Perhaps, you often feel confused to categorize what are the priority tasks and what are not.

So how do you remain competitive in that variable environment?

A well connected team is company’s best bet to grow and close business deals but how would you be able to manage the team of people who are locating at different places?

When it comes to ensuring the best productivity level within your team, you should use an efficient productivity enhancing app for your managing your remote team.

The truth is that there is unified game of chasing productivity but with a sneak peak on the market and see what’s in there for you available, you will be able find the best productivity enhancing tool for your team.


When it comes to managing a remote team, one place where everyone ends up spending a major portion of time is the communication apps like Slack, Microsoft Team, Google chat, etc.

Be it about managing team or making company-wide announcements, these apps have managed to replace emails but a lot of businesses still face challenges with tracking employee attendance and leaves.

Tool like AttendanceBot makes it super-easy to track time, manage leaves and more. You can do it all from the communication platform.


Trello comes directly from the house of Atlassian. Trello is a comprehensive, powerful and Kanban-style designed tool for managing any level of project tracking.

The best part of using this tool is that it is pretty easy to use so that each of your team member can use it without experiencing any sort of difficulties.

It comes with hundreds of pre-built templates to make your team’s work convenient.


There’s a saying- “over-communication is the key to a successful project management.”

We almost all have become familiar with the virtual work-from-home world where in-person communication has become a thing of a past.

How we interact with our teammates also needs to be evolved.

In this current remote environment, your team should be able to document all the finer details of their thought related to project work.

With a tool like Notion doing this becomes a cake-walk. It provides a all-in-one workspace where your team members can find notes, wikis, calendar and reminders.


Slack is definitely a great tool but it is not free. If you have a small team of five to ten people, Chanty could be an excellent tool for you. It is absolutely free forever for a team of maximum 10 people.

So, now you might have gotten a clear picture about how those tools mentioned above can make your remote job more convenient and easier.


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